Negative SEO Fiverr : Be Careful about Such Services

Bulk Link Building and Its Negative Impact

DISCLAIMER – Writing this post on bulk link building and negative SEO does not mean that we support or promote negative SEO services. We have composed this post to make others in the industry to be aware of the bulk link building and negative SEO services that different service providers ( e.g negativeseoexpert )are offering these days.”

Link building is a complicated process to get right. Links are the key to efficient search engine optimization. A few of the necessary steps involved in bulk link building include searching for suitable keywords and building a repository of positive keyword tools.

It also means having good content on your website. After having made the links, it is crucial to monitor the rank of your site continuously. One should also carry out link audits regularly.

However, when one craves for bulk link building tactics, the first question that pops up in mind is-

‘Is resorting to black hat link building the solution?’

And the answer is- Hell no!

Do not fall into this trap. Black hat link building will surely boost your rankings in the short term, but for how long?

At the rate at which Google is upgrading its algorithm, it is just a matter of time when black hat link building sites will be penalized.

Let us first understand what bulk backlinks are-

What are Bulk Backlinks?

Bulk Backlinks is a negative SEO tactic that can play a crucial role in downgrading and spoiling the ranking of any site.

In this, the generation of thousands of backlinks occurs on the go. When a site gets multiple backlinks all of a sudden, its Search Engine Ranking gets affected negatively.

Opting for bulk backlinks is suggested a good tactic in case you want to decrease the ranking of your competitors. You can also opt for this if any top-ranked review page is downgrading your products or services.

Let us now dive deep into the world of Bulk Backlinks and understand why people opt for these services-

Why do people create bulk backlinks?

  • Intention to Improve Organic Ranking (Beginners or people with no SEO Knowledge opt for this)

Backlinks help you in improving your website’s ranking on various search engines.

If you have your content receiving links from other websites, it will automatically start having a better and a higher rank in the results. If your site is not gaining ranks, you need to build more relevant backlinks. The goal should be to have created links to individual pages or posts along with those which are leading to the main page (homepage) as well.

However, people who do not have any or less SEO knowledge end up building bulk backlinks in efforts to increase the ranking. It can negatively impact their website.

Low-quality backlinks can decrease your ranking on search engines.

  • Decreases your competitors ranking

By making use of bulk backlinks, one can bring down their competitor’s website and its ranking, and boost their ranking. The ranking of your competitor’s website is lowered using tactics, such as low-quality links and content, negative links, duplicate content, copy and paste attacks, and negative reviews, among others.

Impact of bulk link building

A proprietary Ahref metric, namely Domain Rating (DR), shows the strength of the backlink profile of a website. It is shown in terms of quality and quantity. It is measured from a scale of 0 to 100, on a logarithmic scale.

One of the factors to consider while you are trying to improve your ranking is Domain Authority (DA). It predicts how well your site is going to rank. It is always good to have a good DA as it shows that your website is receiving a good amount of traffic, and thus, has a good ranking.

URL Rating or UR is another metric of AHref. The difference between DR and UR is that DR measures the quality and quantity of backlinks for the entire domain while UR rates the backlinks, which refer to a specific page.

However, one should remember that an increase in the DR or the UR has no shown improvement in the website’s ranking.

Negative SEO Impact of Bulk Link Building

  • Increased number of irrelevant links

By building, bulk links of low quality can affect the site negatively. Moreover, having backlinks that lead to unrelated content can result in a low impact score. It can lead to a drop in the page rank as well. Thus, this results in a lack of traffic on your website as well.

Furthermore, if you have a lot of backlinks from doubtful sources that point to a particular page, it can negatively impact that page as well as the entire domain.

  • Increased site spam score

Spam score shows the percentage of the various sites which have similar characteristics and features which have earlier been penalized or even banned by the search engines, for instance, Google. The percentage shows the quality of the inbound links which refer to your site. It further helps you understand which of the inbound links require further investigation, or in some cases, removal.

Negative SEO results in an increase in the spam score of the site, which in turn results in low traffic

  • Decreased organic ranking and traffic

Due to the decrease in organic search rankings of your website, you will end up losing traffic, revenue, as well as business. If your link building strategies are outdated, spammy, or risky, the search engine will penalize your website, which in turn, will reduce the traffic on your site.

Know about the Penalties of Buying Links- Side effects of Bulk Link Building

You really don’t want to get a penalty from Google. The penalty can last from a few days to a few months. During this time, you can suffer irreversible losses. This scenario is true, especially for businesses.

There have been several incidences where Google has penalized some large enterprises. Let’s take the case of Overstock. Overstock was found by Google to give discounts on their products to universities in exchange for links. Google penalized the company considering Link Farming, and it took a couple of months to recover from the penalty.

There are two types of Google penalties

  • Manual Penalty

The manual penalty means that a member from the Google spam department has found a violation on your website and has manually applied a penalty. You need to file for a reconsideration request in this case.

  • Algorithm Penalty

The algorithm penalty means that the Google algorithm has automatically detected a problem. Here fixing the problem may lead to recovery when Google bots next crawl your website, or you may even need to file a reconsideration request.

Tools that are used in building spam links

1) Scrapebox

Scrapebox - negative seo Fiverr

Scrapebox is an SEO tool used for link building, link auditing, as well as on-page SEO. Its core features include:

  • Search Engine Harvester
  • Proxy Harvester
  • Keyword Harvester or Scraper
  • Comment Poster
  • Mass Link Builder and Link Checker
  • Numerous other tools including creating RSS feeds or sitemaps, downloading videos, finding unregistered domains, email extraction, checking indexed pages, and such.

Scrapebox comes with 33 addons which are free of cost. Some of these features include Anchor Text Checker, Mass Alexa Checker, Scrapebox Alive Checker, Article Scraper, Mass backlink Checker, Broken Links Checker, Bulk Domain Resolver, Page Authority Addon, and Google Cache Extractor, among numerous others. The software’s features allow one to use them to create and spread the unceasing quantity of spam on websites.




GSA SER or GSA Search Engine Ranker helps you build backlinks for your website. The software builds them for you continuously. The software does not need a database of checked sites to develop and leave the backlinks. Once the project is configured, the software locates new sites automatically, registers as well as leaves the links or the content without the user having to intervene at any stage. Some of GSA SER’s features include:

  • Improve your website’s ranking
  • Review and track backlinks
  • Review backlinks through detailed statistics
  • Define your project
  • Custom project options
  • Project filters
  • The content manager or article manager
  • Spinner setup (spinning services)
  • Email setup
  • External API access
  • Proxy scraper
  • Global proxy setup
  • Image CAPTCHA services
  • Text CAPTCHAquestions
  • Indexing services
  • Global blacklist filter
  • Footprint studio
  • Advanced settings which come with its script language

By using the software, one can build comment links, social links, blog comments, contextual platforms, and even social profiles. The software also offers a tiered link building strategy for your website.

GSA SER is usually recommended for Tier 2 as well as Tier 3 in terms of priority. It gives way for Tier 1 backlinks which help your site rank better on the search engines, for example, Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

3) XRumer


XRumer is a software which is used for spamming comment sections as well as forums available online. It was developed by BotmasterLabs and is marketed as a software tool for search engine optimization. The software registers on forums and such and posts on it to boost the ranks of its target website on search engines.

XRumer can bypass various security techniques that are usually employed by blogs and forums which are used to detect spam. These spam include client detection, account registration, Captchas, and email activation before allowing the posting of content.

4) SenukeTNG


The software tools are also focused on building backlinks for your website. It helps you build backlinks by utilizing methods, such as captcha solving, proxies, and keyword searches, among others. Some of its features include:

  • Crowd Searcher
  • Built-in proxies
  • Blog networking module
  • Built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Loop mode
  • Superfast turbo wizard
  • Scheduler
  • Step-by-step wizard
  • Simple user Interface
  • Local SEO
  • Macro reader
  • Promotion Strategy mapper
  • Article manager

The software comes with over 100,000 built-in proxies.

Negative SEO Services

Negative SEO refers to using tactics that harm your competitor’s website’s ranking on search engines. By doing so, you can manipulate the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and increase your rank.

Negative SEO is the process which de-ranks a particular competitor’s website from the search engine. A specific URL’s rank can be dropped by using various tactics. In doing so, you can gain rank on the search engine, and thus, traffic, business, and revenue.

Negative SEO services include building spammy links, adding irrelevant content, or even copy and pasting content. By building links to your competitor’s, you can have their sites penalized by the search engine, for example, Google.

Negative SEO manipulates the signals, which make the search engine’s algorithms believe that the SEO is done positively in nature. These services are used to reduce the competitor’s ranking so that yours can gain traction and thus, rank.

There are several types of negative SEO services; these include:

  • Duplicate content
  • Negative links
  • Copy and paste attacks
  • Low-quality content
  • Bounce rate attack
  • CTR attack
  • Negative review attack

By using these tactics, particularly spammy and low-quality links, you can attract Google to penalize the site.

Negative SEO Fiverr

Fiverr is a space that allows for sellers of a particular service to connect with prospective customers. It also has provided offering negative SEO services on fiverr.

These sellers freelance in the market and the buyer can pay them to carry out negative SEO tactics for them.

There are several sellers on Fiverr who provide negative SEO tactics and use some of the software mentioned above, i.e. XRumer, GSA SER, Scrapebox, and SenukeTNG, among others.

Some of the negative seo Fiverr Gigs for bulk link building are-

1) I will do 200,000 GSA, SER bulk links blast for SEO

By opting for this Bulk Link Service, you will be able to destroy the ranking of your competitors. GSA SER Campaign is an expert in removing the site of your competitor from search engines by blasting low-quality backlinks to their site.

This gig comprises 200000 GSA Backlinks of low quality, plus they offer anonymous work.

The mass bulk liking also involves mix DoFollow and NoFollow that has the maximum percentage of DoFollow.

Your competitor’s site will not be safe for Google Panda Penguin. Sites targeted by backlinks through this gig will also increase the chance of getting negative rankings in Google SERPs.

2) I will do a scrapebox blast of 1million blog comment links in 48 hrs

This Gig offers you 1,000,000 SCRAPEBOX blast and massive link juice for destroying the ranking of your competitors. This Fiverr gig is a Level 2 seller that offers guaranteed blog comment links for negative SEO purposes.

You can go with unlimited URLs and Unlimited Keywords for the massive low quality backlinking that can negatively influence the search engine ranking of your competitors. It can hurt the website ranking of your competitor’s site in the quickest possible time by offering bulk backlinking with laser targeted niche.

Feel free to contact Antony Alston to know more about this Fiverr gig for massive backlinks. (Check more fiverr gig review at Fiverrreviews)

Does Negative SEO work?

Negative SEO does not work and is not as effective as Google’s algorithm does not let these elements affect a site’s rank. According to Google, if you pay for this attack, you are probably just wasting your money. It is further supported by the lack of such kinds of attacks (documented).

Moreover, you might also end up helping the website you are trying to target. By having low quality and spammy links trace back to the site may not negatively affect it. It may, however, result in the passing on of the small amount of authority instead.

As a replacement for negative SEO tactics, it is always better to learn and implement positive SEO strategies. They are easy to learn and are inexpensive. They are also much more efficient than negative SEO tactics as well.

Finally, negative SEO providers are also quite unreliable, as well as untrustworthy. There is no proof of the quality of service and the effectiveness of their services.

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